People love to have options when it comes to mealtime, but some Lacey Township residents weren't happy with the plans to build a new burger outlet on Route 9. But, with the legal battle over, ground breaking is scheduled for next month.

White Castle has wanted to build a new location at the corner of Route 9 and Sunrise Blvd for nearly two years, and the planning board was all for it, under the condition that the restaurant not be open 24 hours.

But, according to White Castle, that's the way their restaurants run, period. So they went to court.

The company won, and construction is now set to begin in only a few weeks, with the 24/7 schedule set to operate as planned.

So what do you think? Are you happy about having another lunch, dinner, and late night choice in Ocean County, or do you think it's unnecessary? Comment below and let us know!