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Granted, it's still way too early to talk about live Christmas trees if you actually want one that will live until Christmas, but according to reports, there's a new pest making its way through the Garden State that could turn your holiday cheer into a horrifying infestation.

According to, the spotted lanternfly has been slowly making its way through New Jersey, with sightings so far in northern and central counties of the state; including Hunterdon, Warren, and Mercer.

The bugs like to lay eggs in tree branches and have a particular affinity for pine trees.

According to the report, each egg cluster, "can hold up to 30 to 50 eggs", which can hatch and let the baby bugs loose in your house.


If you plan to bring home a live Christmas tree, state agricultural experts suggest giving it a good once-over before bringing it inside the house to make sure that it's egg cluster free. 


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