If you're looking to stay the night at an establishment close by the beach that's filled with great food, a fantastic atmosphere, and perhaps some supernatural guests, this establishment in Bay Head, New Jersey is the place for you.   Some would even consider it a poltergeist.

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Introducing, The Grenville Hotel & Restaurant.  This property was built in 1890 and is rich with tradition.  As Lou Russo shared, the land cost only $400 in 1886 and it's been routinely named one of the most haunted hotels in the Garden State.

"The Grenville Hotel at 345 Main Avenue is a Grande Dame of summer hotels from the late Nineteenth Century on Barnegat Island, and is one of the true historic Jersey Shore hotels."  The Grenville.com

Why?  Well after 130 years, the hotel and restaurant has seen a lot of people come through.  Haunted Rooms rated it #5 in the entire state and listed the following occurrences as common:

  • Apparitions (ghosts)
  • Loud children playing (when there are in fact no kids playing)
  • Abnormal noises

Try To Scare Me reports that "there rarely goes a day without an occurrence" at the Grenville.  Adding to the list above, they report items randomly moving or breaking in the dining room, footsteps, and this quote from a guest in 2008:

 "Later in the evening I awoke around 1am to the sound of footstep moving in my room towards my bed…followed by someone sitting on the edge of the bed. This scared me so much that I called the front desk. The owner assured me it was nothing to be worried about, that it was just the old building. Trying to fall asleep I was again visited by an apparition of a young woman, wearing a white evening gown from what looked like the 1920’s. I asked her who she was but she just vanished."  TryToScareMe.com

Now, going beyond spooky let's move to beautiful.  The Grenville looks amazing, gets good feedback from guests, and is so close to cool things.  Heck, Lou Russo loves it so much he even got married there.  It's a pink Victorian, which is super cool, over 100 years old, is just one block from the beach, and customers report the hotel even provides beach badges, chairs, and umbrellas.

Want another scare (or two)?  Check out the videos and pictures below.

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