From a big kid at heart this is the happiest place on Earth.



Walt Disney World is my favorite place on this planet.  And now that have the chance to bring my 6 year old daughter...there is nothing better.  Her big bright eyes and the smile on her face is just priceless.  She looked at me in the Magic Kingdom when Cinderella's castle was pink at night and the fireworks were over-head and she said to me, "This is the greatest day of my life."  As a parent there was nothing better than that.  For that moment my world was "perfect."  That brought a tear to my eye and is something we will both remember forever.  It's all about making memories and this one will last a life time.  When I was younger, my parents, and even to this day, love Walt Disney World.  And I think I just kept that tradition alive.  Thank you Mom and Dad for showing me that Goofy really is Goofy, and Winnie the Pooh is just a cuddly as we see him on TV and Mickey and Minnie share a love that we all wish we had.

I went with my best girlfriend and her daughter...Her perspective on Disney World is a little different than mine.  It's not her happiest place and to watch her throughout the day..was a memory of fun.  But to see a smile come to her face  when Mickey hugged Abby and her daughter Maria ...well even the less happier of the 2 of us made a priceless moment to remember.  And I thought I'd share what she posted on her Facebook page while we were visiting the Magic Kingdom..

Dear Lord, please help me get through this day. Screaming moms, whining children, dead phone and smelly people. Trying to stay dry and not get hit by lightning as we wait under Dumbo's tent for the storm to pass. Much love from the happiest place on earth! Deidre

She loved every minute of I'm giggling to myself typing this blog.


Much love from Walt Disney World!

See you back on the radio soon!


PS...Expect when you take a little one and also a "Big" one...there's a lot of money to be spent at Disney World.  Oh boy...from the autograph books to the pin swapping to the Mickey Ear Ice Cream to all the t-shirts and stuffed animals.  Every penny is worth it in my eyes!