Patrons walking the Seaside Heights boardwalk on Friday got more than they bargained for when Governor Chris Christie made an appearance, stopping for questions & selfies along the way.

Scheduled to appear for the official opening of the brand new Hydrus roller coaster and Ferris Wheel on Casino Pier, Christie first took a walk up and down the Seaside Heights boardwalk.

Christie welcomed onlookers to take pictures and answer questions as he made his way south along the boardwalk, before heading back north toward Casino Pier, where he spoke during the opening ceremony and ribbon cutting for the new attractions.

When asked about his visit to Seaside Heights, Christie declared that it's much more than a public relations endeavor.  "I come down here because this is who I am"

The revamped Casino Pier is a partial closing of the chapter on the destruction of Superstorm Sandy, and although there are certainly economic benefits to the opening of the new rides, Christie sees other positives. "It's part of the soul of the state, it's what we're known for, it's what we grow up with."

Watch Gov. Chris Christie's opening remarks and the official opening of Hydrus:

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