While we continue to adjust our daily lives around the COVID-19 coronavirus restrictions, a lot of us, our friends, neighbors, and family members have also been thrown into an uncertain and scary economic situation, especially workers who depend largely on tips.

As Ocean County's restaurants now can only offer takeout and delivery options, those tips will mean more than ever for the workers who are preparing your takeout order and delivering to your homes.

When I order delivery, I usually tip a little more than usual when the weather is bad or if I have an unusually large order. I would definitely consider the current situation to be one where a few extra bucks would be called for.

And not just restaurant workers. With a lot of people ordering their groceries online and picking up in the store, don't forget the people who are putting your grocery orders together, too.

You can click here for a list of local businesses and restaurants who have checked in with us to let us know what their plans are during the COVID-19 coronavirus restrictions.

If you're a business owner or you'd like to update us on a local business, just click here to email us and we'll add you to our list.


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