New Jersey is truly an amazing state. As one of the original 13 colonies, history is everywhere within our borders.

This also holds true to ship navigation. New Jersey has a rich history of ships coming to and from our ports, and those ships were guided by many of the beacons that remain today.

New Jersey's lighthouses are simply incredible. And even though the landscape has changed surrounding many of them, the important role they played remains. As a matter of fact, many of the lighthouses still in existence today are part of the Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey, which takes place every fall.

So let's take a tour and explore these amazing beacons of light we call New Jersey's Lighthouses.

Get to know the lighthouses of NJ: Photos

A look at New Jersey's lighthouses, both land & sea.
(The list below is organized alphabetically by county)
Barnegat Lighthouse
Barnegat Lighthouse (Dennis Symons)

Now that we've taken a look at Lighthouses all over New Jersey, let's visit one of them. Click here to learn more about one of New Jersey's most unique lighthouses, the Twin Lights in Highlands.

Have a great time getting to know the lighthouses of New Jersey.

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