When the coronavirus hit New Jersey and every thing closed down, it gave the German Butcher in Forked River an idea on how to make the store a little larger with social distancing and something they always wanted, a barista station and fantastic bakery items.

Brandon Bourdages / ThinkStock

Along with the renovations and the make-over, new additions include a hot food bar with hot meals to go. They also added a barista station with bakery items, bringing a coffee shop vibe to a very popular destination already. Don't worry, they're all still into the meat, they just added a little something extra to your visit to the German Butcher. What an awesome idea. Here's a look at their new renovated space:

I am a huge fan favorite of the German Butcher. I loved it before and possibly love it even more now. If you ask any local, near and far, they will tell you the "best" place to get their meat--"The German Butcher, of course." The German Butcher is located at 109 Lacey Road in Forked River.

The German Butcher opened their doors last week with their re-opening and I can't even imagine their "new" renovated space. As an adult, you walk into the German Butcher and it feels like a kid in a toy store, the smell, the meat, it's just amazing:

If you've never stopped in at the German Butcher in Forked River, you are truly missing something. From their lunch sandwiches to their sausage and ribs, is your mouth watering, yet. It will be. Your next BBQ, check in with the German Butcher you won't be sorry. When you head into the German Butcher, remember your mask, social distancing is available in the store, and take a number for the best variety and the most delicious meat. For more information or to call in an order, call 609-693-7100.


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