Serving food or beverages at a funeral home is currently illegal in New Jersey. It is, however, legal to serve food in a funeral home in a majority of states across the country. A new bill that is making its way through the New Jersey Assembly that could change that. So we're asking: should food be served in New Jersey's funeral homes? reports the that ban on serving food in New Jersey funeral homes goes back 50 years, and it was based on the fear that food and human remains don't belong under the same roof.

A similar ban was lifted last month in New York state, according to reports. Now New Jersey could be next. Assemblywoman Nancy Pinkin is sponsoring legislation that could lift the 50-year ban. The bill, which would update a number of funeral home practices, says: "refreshments could be served to or catered for the friends and family of the deceased on the premises ... at the discretion of the funeral director," according to

The legislation has the support of funeral homes. Adam Guziejewski, deputy executive director of the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association, told the Associated Press that his organization (representing 500 funeral homes) supports the repeal. Guziejewski says there is no public health risk, because "obviously it's not like food is going to be served in the body preparation room," the AP reports.

Personally, I am all for this measure. There is no contamination risk from a body being in a funeral home. The food could definitely be served in a different area, and maybe that is the obvious solution. But when families get together for celebrations or to mourn: they're often eating. We break bread when we're together. Comfort food can help when you're in mourning. Funerals can be a rough time, and people are racing in and out after work or in between the two sessions to have a meal. So I am all for this. After all, just because it's made legal doesn't mean it has to be served at your funeral. You don't have to have food served there.

So I want to know what you think: should food be served in a funeral home? Sound off by taking our poll below.