Did you hear about the court case in Syracuse that had parents suing their adult son so that he would move out of their home?  30 year old Michael Rotondo has been living in a room in their home for 8 years.  They've told him he needs to get a job and move out.  After several notices, they took the case to court and the judge ruled in their favor.

I realize we don't have all the facts in the case, but based on media reports, it does seem like the lawsuit was a last resort for the frustrated parents.  They've apparently asked him to leave several times.  They put it in writing.  And they've even offered to give him some money to help with his transition.

I'd be interested to know how you feel about grown children returning to the nest.  Did your kids come back to live with you?  If so, did you set any ground rules?  Did they have to pay rent?

After my divorce my parents let me stay with them rent-free in Holiday City for a while.  I appreciated being able to stay there while I got settled with my new job at WOBM.  It also gave me time to go house-hunting.  My parents knew how grateful I was to be able to save money during those months.  And I liked how it gave us a chance to reconnect and get to know each other again (after I had spent so many years living in other cities.)

But every case is different.  If I suspected my child was being lazy or irresponsible I probably WOULD charge rent and set some house rules about chores and bills.  What are YOUR thoughts about adult children moving in with parents?


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