I've heard all sorts of crazy baby birth stories.  They range from having a baby in the back of a taxi cab on the way to the hospital to giving birth...not knowing they were pregnant.  This story ranks up near the top and has a very happy ending.  Here's what happened.

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Something sensational happened on Super Bowl Sunday and it wasn't just Tom Brady earning another trophy.  Gabrielle Castrovinci gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Carter Michael Chandler.  That by itself is not newsworthy, but the way she did it was certainly extraordinary.

"Craziest experience I've had. Definitely wasn't part of the plan," Gabrielle explained as shared the incredible chain of events on Facebook and with NBC 10  Philadelphia.  Here's how a momentous event became an unforgettable story.

Gabrielle says she checked into the hospital the night before the Super Bowl.  She was told they were Braxton Hicks contractions and it was safe to return home.  Around 10 am, Gabrielle "finally rolled myself downstairs...and within 15 minutes my water broke."  She says the pain was excruciating and her fiancee Matt Chandler called for an ambulance.

The first to arrive on the scene was officers from the Little Egg Harbor Township Police Department.  Sergeant John Kelly told NBC 10 Philadelphia that the time from start to finish was maybe a minute and a half, "I caught it, and I wrapped him up, and handed him to mom."  WOW.  Carter was officially born at 10:34 am and weighed 5 pounds, 15 ounces, and was measured at 19 and 1/2 inches long.  Gabrielle shared a big thank you with her Facebook friends to the Little Egg Harbor Township Police and the Great Bay Regional Volunteer EMS , "Huge thank you to all these emergency workers and being there for me in the craziest experience of our lives. Our little boy is sooo healthy and doing perfect!! Poor little Jacob is probably traumatized but he already got to meet his new little brother!

I must send a big congratulations to Gabrielle, Matt, Jacob, and Carter!   What a story.  I've got 2 amazing children and have gone through the process twice with my wife.  The stress.  The anticipation.  The excitement.  I can't even imagine going through an experience like this. Click here for more of Gabrielle's story

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