New Jerseyans up late got a treat of what appeared to be a meteor streaking through the sky late Wednesday night.

The fireball traveled from southeast to northeast, according to reports posted to the American Meteor Society website, which took dozens of sightings all over the state. Observations from the east coast from North Carolina to Maine reported a very bright light in the sky.

The AMS logs reports of meteor sightings but does not verify them.

"The sky lit up before I saw the ball of light in the sky just above the tree line," Kelly S. in Jackson wrote.

"First sighting of the year, bright light blue with a medium tail, fragmenting across the sky," Csr S wrote from Lawrence.

"This was the most magnificent event I have ever seen and will stay with me for the rest of my life," Peggy D. wrote from Phillipsburg.

"For the fact that it was so low in the sky and seemed to have a slight upward angle, it seemed odd to me. But I have never seen anything like that before," Donna B. wrote from Eatontown.

"The fireball started as a thin white streak and expanded to a bright blueish flash traveling nearly horizontally across the sky, from my point of view. similar to a small firework," Andrew L. wrote from Frankin Township in Somerset County.

"This is by far the brightest night time shooting star I have ever observed! I've never reported one of these before," Kyle D. wrote from Freehold.

"Saw this while walking on beach at night with 6 other family members. It lit up the whole beach. We could otherwise see many stars but the moon was not visible tonight so was generally dark out," Mike D. wrote from Barnegat Light.

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