Pizza is a fan favorite and very seldom will you hear someone say "I hate pizza" in fact, I don't think I ever met anyone that said "I hate pizza" they are more likely to say "I ate pizza". See if you take away the "H" it changes the whole statement lol


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One of the most recent pies I have had is from a local pizzeria, Naples, in Little Egg Harbor. It was their take on Chicken Francese. If you have never tried a Chicken Francese pizza you really need to. It is my current favorite. This pie has a lot going on, so 1 maybe 2 slices, and you are done. Love the lemon chicken taste this particular recipe has.

Now although I am discussing m,y latest pizza love, Far and Wide selected their choice for "best pizza" here in the Garden State, one of the best in America from their list of best in each state.




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According to Far and Wide, "Manco and Manco is a Jersey Shore icon. Go for the experience! The crust is very thin and a bit charred. The pizza is loaded with so much cheese and sauce that it slips off the crust. Be prepared to wait a bit if you go during peak dinner hours...If you're looking for incredible pizza while on the Ocean City Boardwalk, then put Manco Manco on your to-do list!" — Monica854 Peter Bravo de los Rios Peter Bravo de los Rios



So who gets your vote for the best pizza in New Jersey? Have you ever been to Manco and Manco? Give us your two cents and post your comments below.
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