Despite recent efforts of some you simply can’t ruin Thanksgiving which for me will always be the best holiday of the year because it’s pure. For the most part.

Everyone can celebrate regardless of race, religion or even political party and you can still display pictures of turkeys without annoying too many. You can even say “Happy Thanksgiving” and not worry about offending people in these politically correct times.

For me the day has always been about the four F’s…family, food, football and fun.

Whether you’re home cooking for 2 or 22 or traveling out of town it’s a time for families and friends to reunite and renew traditions that in some cases have been passed down from one generation to the other.

More than a few will start the day by watching the 92nd Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while others will take in one of the few remaining high school football games still played around the shore including the 99th meeting between Lakewood and Toms River South and the Wall-Manasquan game which is the best around.  That game as always will be broadcast on the Shore Sports Network’s 1160 & 1310AM.

Of course a big part of the day is watching football on TV and juggling eating around kickoff and halftime.  Hours pass from the first appetizer to the final desert and it’s just a matter of time before many loosen their pants. The day was really made for stretch pants or gym shorts.

If this sounds perfect it is, except for those who might have to leave early to work for those retailers who will get an early start on “Black Friday” by being open on “Grey Thursday.”  Of course they will offer specials to entice shoppers to leave before the table is cleared and the bottom line is many will do so. Of course the problem is some of those working don’t have much of a choice.

Whatever your plans are try and put the thanks back in Thanksgiving.  Wouldn’t that make for a great bumper sticker?

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