Court action looms for a onetime Atlantic City license inspector indicted today for taking bribes of cash from a taxi operator and money or sex from massage-parlor owners.

Logan Holt, Jr. (NJ Attorney General's Office)

Logan F. Holt, 54, of Galloway, was indicted on five second-degree charges in Trenton, according to information from acting New Jersey Attorney General John J. Hoffman's office.

Holt worked for the mercantile section of the city's Department of Licenses from 2002 until February 2012, say prosecutors. The three bribery counts, a charge of official misconduct and a conspiracy count each carry possible sentences of five to 10 years in prison, including five years of parole ineligibility, and fines up to $150,000 on conviction.

The probe began, say prosecutors, with a complaint to the Department of Licenses and Inspections.

According to investigators, Holt took $800 cash from a taxi operator on April 1, 2010, and appeared the same day in municipal court to get two of the driver's tickets dismissed.

On May 11, they continued, Holt took another $250 from the driver to move the cab through the city's annual vehicle inspection.

They also alleged that Holt took cash and sexual favors from owners and operators of several massage and stress-therapy businesses on Atlantic and Pacific Avenues, reciprocating by failing to enforce relevant regulations and ordinances.

"Holt allegedly used his official authority over certain licensed businesses in Atlantic City as a personal license to enrich himself through bribes," said Director Elie Honig of the Division of Criminal Justice in a prepared release. "We have zero tolerance for such conduct, which undermines public faith in government. Holt now faces serious criminal charges."