The Giant Joro Spider May Be In Jersey Soon

It is that time of year when our insect friends come alive and some make our lives miserable while others are very productive and give us a hand, sometimes more than just two lol. Summer is bug season and there is news of a new "bug" that may be moving to New Jersey.


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Officials are saying a new rather large spider may be migrating to the Garden State and New York and it could be soon. The spider is called the Joro Spider and it's about palm size, so a spider the size of your hand roughly, that's a pretty big bug. In a recent Patch article, they talked about this large arachnid that's slowly migrating to Jersey. "It is “only a matter of time” before Joro spiders head to New York and New Jersey, University of Georgia research scientist Andy Davis told The New York Times last year."



Joro Spider


So doesn't this bug look like fun? Patch added a bit of background on this spider "The species, which is native to East Asia, can grow as large as the size of a human palm and craft wheel-shaped webs; females are brightly colored with red, blue, and yellow hues while males are brown. While the spider’s venom doesn’t pose a danger to humans or pets, its sheer “unusually large” size can be frightening alone - and may soon be terrifying arachnophobic New Jerseyans."


So what do you think of this spider? I am not a huge fan of these bugs so a rather large one is not something I really wanna deal with lol Hopefully they won't be a huge issue but at least you know about them when they arrive in Jersey. Post your comments below if you have dealt with these spiders before.


Joro Spider


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