Vehicles these days have more safety, technology, and convenience features than ever. Among them - most new cars and trucks have backup cameras. But I find the backup camera to be a little awkward.

My car, that I've had for a little over a year, has a number of included safety features - blind spot sensors, lane departure warning, and the backup camera. But even after a year, I still feel like I can't depend on the camera.

When we were all taught to drive, turning around to backup was one of the most important lessons. You check behind you and next to you before you backup and as you're pulling out.

The camera is meant to take the "human error" factor out of it, showing you what's behind you, as well as alerting you when something (or someone) is approaching you from the side.

But I don't know, I just can't break that habit that I've had for over 20 years of turning around to look when I backup. The camera is convenient, but I just feel like I can't use it as my eyes by itself when I'm pulling out of somewhere.

Does your vehicle have a backup camera? Do you use it or do you still turn around when backing up? Comment below and let us know!