I realize that the title of this article is a little general. Of course we all like having things done for us, but here's what I mean - do you prefer to be independent and make your own way, or do you like to be taken care of?

Sure it's nice to have someone buy you dinner, make the bed, or iron your shirts. But is it too much if someone buys you a car, covers your rent, or gives you use of their credit card.

Here's the way I see it - I don't like the idea of "owing" someone. You let someone buy you a car, but then down the road if something happens that they don't agree with, they may very well remind you of their kindness all that time ago.

Do I like having things done for me? Sure, again, we all enjoy that every now and then. But I also value a feeling of independence and being able to do things for myself and take care of myself.

How about you? Are you strongly independent or do you like to relax and let someone else do the work?

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