This little farm is just too cute for words.

Some friends visited this farm in Farmingdale this past weekend and they told me how cute it really is. She says it's perfect for 10 year-olds and younger.

There's a petting zoo, Santa, and more. They also sell Christmas trees.

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92.7 WOBM Listener

It's called Acres at Magnolia in Farmingdale. Acres at Magnolia is located at 160 W. Farms Road.

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Acres at Magnolia is 501c3 dedicated to the well-being of animals, protecting them from cruelty, & offering them sanctuary. It is free to see meet with Santa, but they do ask for donations for their animals.

A chilly December weekend is a perfect time for their hot cider or hot chocolate. Pictures I've seen, look like an old fashioned Christmas, something I love.

Acres at Magnolia looks like the perfect spot for that perfect Christmas photo with the family. There is a petting zoo and the kids will love it. There are so many memories to be made here and maybe make it a tradition. And, you're making a donation and helping out animals, that's perfect. Firepits are available for your visit for s'mores.

This is the time of year to make the best memories you can. Even if you think your kids won't like it or maybe they'll be bored, this place looks perfect. A "simple" Christmas and that makes Christmas so special.

I remember when my Mom and Dad used to love spending time with Abby and this farm would've been perfect. They would've loved it so much. Click here for more information on this Christmas Farmingdale farm.

Here are some pictures from Acres at Magnolia in Farmingdale, enjoy:

Acres at Magnolia, Christmas Farm in Farmingdale, NJ

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