A 70 year old Denville man is arrested after he threatened to shoot up a Lakewood senior services office.

Lakewood police cruiser
Lakewood police cruiser (TheLakewoodScoop.com)

Detective Sergeant Greg Staffordsmith says Richard Cassidy threatened a case worker from Meals on Wheels over the phone because he was irate over the fact that his 90 year old aunt, of Jackson, received a letter from Adult Protective Services saying she could no longer care for herself.

"In an attempt to prevent this action, Mr. Cassidy called the case worker and told her that if his Aunt was removed he would come down there with his guns and kill everyone," said Staffordsmith.

Investigators arrested Cassidy in his Denville home, and seized several firearms and ammunition.

Cassidy was charged with Terroristic Threats and the Possession of a High Capacity Ammunition Magazine.  His bail was set at $10,000 with a 10% option. He was later released from the Denville Police Department after posting bail.

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