This is a brand new BBQ restaurant and it's right along the boardwalk and the beach in Atlantic City. The brand new Wild Honey Smokehouse & Tavern and we have a look inside at just some of the food that you can enjoy at this BBQ on the beach location.


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The new Wild Honey Smokehouse and Tavern is now open at the Tropicana in Atlantic City. The new BBQ restaurant is located in the very awesome "Quarter" at the Tropicana. According to the restaurant's press release, Wild Honey combines various styles of BBQ from all over the country. From "Texas to North Carolina and everywhere in-between".

Classics included at Wild Honey include: "St. Louis Ribs, Charlotte (NC) Pulled Pork, Memphis-Rub Half Chicken, and Big West Texas Beef Rib, just to name a few". All kinds of comfort foods too at Wild Honey.

Don't forget the Tavern, it's worth a trip on its own. Plus "live" music is a mainstay with live performances kicking in after Memorial Day later this month.

I do love BBQ and I do love the Quarter at the Tropicana so this will be a win and I will be visiting this restaurant this summer. The Quarter has such a cool vibe and combines, food, fun, and shopping, not to mention gambling. If you have never visited the Quarter you really need to, it's a fun day or night out.

Take a look at some of the dishes that were highlighted at the Wild Honey Smokehouse and Tavern.



Wild Honey Smokehouse & Tavern in Atlantic City

Look Inside The New Wild Honey Smokehouse & Tavern


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