Being a driver in New Jersey is a skill. Some have this skill mastered, others not so much.

New Jerseyians (well most of us) have a sixth sense when we hit the road. This is no joke, though.

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Some areas are better than others. Still, there are treacherous spans of highways that can be downright deadly.

Safe Roads USA outlined what exactly makes a road "deadly," or "dangerous."

  • Potholes
  • Missing Barriers & Guardrails
  • Missing Road Signs
  • Confusing Road Signs
  • Uncleared Ice and Snow
  • Unannounced Changes in Road Surfaces
  • Faint or Poorly Painted Lines
  • Shoulder Drop Off
  • Wheel Ruts
  • Poor Road Design
  • Unsafe Work Areas

Let's be honest, careless and bad drivers should absolutely be a factor.

What makes this list so scary is how commonly these roads are traveled.

Of course, I'm concerned for all drivers, but I travel these highways often.

Some of the stretches of highway that you will come across won't surprise you at all.

These are the ones that make us all grip the wheel tighter, especially when you get to "that" part of the road.

Others will absolutely surprise you, and hopefully, leave you driving as safely as possible.

Here's how these roads were determined.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did a fatality analysis report on vehicle crashes in the U.S. from 2016 to 2019.

Using the data from the New Jersey findings and taking into consideration the length of the road is how this rundown was calculated.

The 25 Most Dangerous Roads in New Jersey

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