One bite. Everybody knows the rules. Celebrity pizza reviewer, Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy recently spent a day at the Jersey Shore bouncing from location to location. His latest stop got a little interesting.

Dave Portnoy's Pizza Reviews have become a Facebook sensation. Dave visited hundreds and hundreds of pizzerias across America, many of them in the tri-state. He gives each pizza joint a number score based on his own criteria which many follow like gospel.

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Recently, he stopped at Zoni's Coal Fired Pizza in Red Bank to sample a slice, and Nicole Murray was in complete disagreement with Dave.

During the video, Dave noted that a bystander "My Cousin Vinny" approached him about scoring a pie named after him at Barrel & Roost in Red Bank. Dave said that "it was eat the pizza, or Vinny's going to talk our heads off until our brains fall out."

It's interesting to note that El Presidente does not usually score pizza from restaurants. He even mentioned in the video that one of the waiters was shocked that he was trying Barrel & Roost's pie.

With a very nervous Vinny standing close by, Dave dug into the pizza all while Vinny made excuses about this pizza may not be great because the staff was star struck and they may have undercooked it.

All and all, Dave gave it an average 7.3 score. What was shocking was when he asked what looked to be the owner or manager if you can order the pizza for takeout, he said no.

Now, I know Barrel & Roost is a restaurant (and a very good one), but what a blown opportunity! Facebook was quick to point out the lack of judgment.

I can’t believe the restaurant said they won’t do take-out.
Dumbest answer ever!
Chance of a lifetime.
People would be lining up to buy take-out after this review. Even tho it’s a 7.3.
Just lost on the best advertisement ever.
Maybe Dave's visit will change their minds.
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