Not long after his candidate Mitt Romney suffered a bruising defeat to President Barack Obama, a Jackson man has been writing POTUS 44 to share his observations about the state of the union and what he believes should be done to right the ship.

Francis Del Vecchio, from

67-year-old Vietnam War Veteran Francis Del Vecchio says he began writing to President Obama pretty much daily since November 18th 2012 and has sent almost 300 letters to him so far. Del Vecchio says he began writing out of frustration. "I just think there's too much splintering, too many people answering to lobbies and not really answering to the people."

He says he's never at a loss for things to write about either and says the news constantly feeds topics he wants to address. "For instance, in a letter they were talking about the SNAP program, which is the food stamp program, I told the President that he should put his wife in charge because she's really good at it [with regard to nutrition] and she'd bring the manufacturers in and code the products that are going to help people, says Del Vecchio"

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Del Vecchio also believes Washington has gotten too big and says more got done when there were fewer elected officials ... like the drafting of the U.S. Constitution. "I would go down to one Senator per state, three Representatives per state. I would try to get more done with less people and everybody move in the same direction, just like a business."

The message he says he'd like to communicate to everyone is "that color, race and class have no place in this country. That we have to work together. That we have to help the lower income people raise their education level so that they will be successful."

He's compiled his letters and white house responses in a self-published book titled "Mr. President, What Are You Doing For America?"  Del Vecchio says he will also be compiling and publishing more of his letters and white house responses.

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