When you have kids you really do start thinking differently.

That was actually the one thing all of my friends, who already had kids, said to me " just wait, you'll start noticing things that you have never noticed before."

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I want you to think of this.

If you are not a parent, I want you to think about this scenario, and trust me, it's a pretty simple one.  How many times do you just go to your car and not think twice about it?

Maybe it's from the grocery store, maybe it's from a restaurant.

Point A to point B without a second thought about it?

Now, for parents, do you change your habits when you are in a public place, with your kids, and you walk over to your car?

Paul Hanaoka / Unsplash
Paul Hanaoka / Unsplash

Even worse, walking to your car, with your kids, or by yourself and you're staring at your phone or distracted?

The one thing that I've said to my wife time and time again, and this was even before having kids, is to be aware of your surroundings.

One of the big reasons is because of the events that happened in Toms River and possibly in Wall Township on Wednesday.  A carjacking almost occurred in broad daylight.


If you look at the post from the Toms River Police, it says "The vehicle's owner was inside the car at the time and startled the suspect."  Luckily, if you watch the video, the suspect ran.

There are way too many situations where that is absolutely not the case.  The carjacking occurs, and it's a horrible situation.

This is just a great reminder all around.  If this person is so brazen to walk up to someone's house, who's to say that this couldn't happen, while you are distracted, in a sparse parking lot.

Another great reminder, and it is even stated in the post, in relation to the carjacking stories all over New Jersey, lock your doors!

For everyone else, pay attention when you are walking to your car, especially if you are by yourself or have your kids with you.

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