If you're anything like me, I love cheese. This crazy, delicious cave is close by to Ocean County.

How about a grilled cheese? I know simple, but it brings back memories of childhood and a delicious lunch with cheese, bread, and don't forget about the butter.

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Yes, grilled cheese is easy to make and usually on the kids menu, but what about the fabulous eatery that makes a grilled cheese that will just amaze you. There is a cheese shop in Red Bank that I just heard about this. How could I not have heard about this before now?

etiennevoss, Getty Images
etiennevoss, Getty Images

It will be one of new favorite places and from what I hear their grilled cheese sandwiches will blow my mind. What? Yes, I hear they are incredible. It's the perfect grilled cheese, from what I hear.

Where is this delicious, crazy cave in New Jersey full of "cheese"?

It's The Cheese Cave in Red Bank.

Check this grilled cheese sandwich out...with meat? WOW, from The Cheese Cave Facebook page:

From what I'm reading from their menu, they have several different grilled cheese sandwiches to choose from. They have all kinds of different cheeses. It looks fabulous. Oh, one more thing, it's not just the grilled cheese sandwiches, but when you're checking out the different cheeses, you can taste-test them. I love this.

From The Cheese Cave Facebook page:

The Cheese Cave is located in Red Bank. How close is that to Ocean County. It's close by. The Cheese Cave is located at 14 Monmouth Street.

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