With more and more people shopping online and at stores like Walmart and Target that offer everything from clothing to sporting goods and groceries all in one place, one of the biggest department stores in the country is reportedly looking to get into the grocery game too.

According to reports in Kohl's hometown Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the American department store giant (which has 4 locations in Ocean County), is actively planning to team up with grocery or convenience store partners to bring one stop shopping to their customers.

The Journal-Sentinel says that Kohl's isn't picturing a Walmart or Target scenario where you can just walk a few aisles over to get your coffee and cereal after stocking up on khakis and socks, but that:

So will Kohl's groceries be coming any time soon to Ocean County?

They're already testing the concept in New England, and according to a report on Taste of Home, they're looking at around 300 stores to roll the plan out to.

As always, we'll keep an eye on this story and let you know what it means for us!


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