With movie theaters across New Jersey still closed because of the fact that it's nearly impossible to practice social distancing inside of movie houses, one company is coming up with a novel solution: boat-in movies.

As our entertainment reporters wrote about earlier this week, an Australian company called Beyond Cinema is bringing the concept to a handful of American cities.

The idea is simple - they provide the movie screen and the small boats that can hold you and your family, up to 8 people per boat, they say.

All you have to do is hop in and anchor in a social distancing-friendly manner and enjoy the movie..

Right now, Beyond Cinema is only bringing the floating flicks to a few big American cities like San Francisco and Chicago, although there will be a pair of somewhat nearby stops with a New York City showing scheduled for September 16th, and a Philadelphia stop set for September 23rd.

But, you have to admit that this is a perfect concept for Ocean County.

With plenty of bays, beaches, and other calm bodies of water, there are lots of places right here in Ocean County where you could drop anchor and enjoy some Hollywood entertainment with the family.

While it won't exactly be easy to run out to the concession stand (or the bathroom, for that matter), apparently they will hook you up with free popcorn.

We'll have to keep our eye on it to see if we'll be able to enjoy some seafaring cinema anytime soon here at the Jersey Shore.


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