A nice meal is a great way to a lover's heart. Make a dinner together for Valentine's Day, how romantic.

George Doyle

Valentine's Cooking classes are taking place all over New Jersey. With Covid-19, we've had to stay home a lot more to cook and not eat out as much as maybe we have before, this could be a fun date for both of you.

My husband is the cook in our family but this is something I would love to do. I would love to learn how to cook a meal with my hubby, speaking of romantic, I like this idea.

For many of the culinary cook classes you can do in-person or virtual, in-person - social distancing will be applied and mask wearing. There is a Valentine's Day cooking class for everyone at any level of cooking.

Here's the list of culinary schools doing Valentine's Day Cooking Classes:

Soulé Culinary and Art Studio, Point Pleasant - CLICK HERE for more information about cooking classes leading up to Valentine's Day.

Hudson Table, Hoboken - CLICK HERE for more information.

Montclair Culinary Academy, Montclair - CLICK HERE for more information.

In the Kitchen Cooking School, Haddonfield - CLICK HERE for more information.

Little Fox Kitchen, Cranford - CLICK HERE for more information.

Healthy Italia, Madison - CLICK HERE for more information.

Click here for more schools in New Jersey doing cooking classes for Valentine's Day, according to mycentraljersey.com.

This sounds like such a fun and memorable date for Valentine's Day. A delectable chicken or steak dish, possibly a seafood dish, sounds so yummy. Have fun if you get into one of these classes.