A Middletown man who was on duty as a contract worker got into an altercation with a fellow contract worker this morning around 10:25 am before threatening security guards at Middletown North High School who asked him to leave the building, announced Middletown Detective-Lieutenant Paul Bailey.

Richard D. Thompson Jr., 35, of Middletown, was asked to leave the school building by security guards after getting into a verbal altercation with the other contract worker but he refused.

School security officers then spoke to Thompson and again asked him to leave.

Thompson then allegedly became argumentative with the security officers who kept asking him to leave the campus.

During the verbal dispute Thompson reportedly told the security staff that he was going to return to the school and shoot them.

Thompson then left the school grounds on foot.

Multiple Middletown Police Officers immediately responded to the incident.

Thompson was quickly located on Swartzel Drive by Lt. Neal Hansen but was uncooperative and refused to comply with police orders.

Lt. Hansen tried to place Thompson under arrest but he refused to comply and a brief physical struggle ensued before Thompson was subdued and taken into custody.

Police said that at no time was there any threat to the safety of the students or other staff at the school.

Thompson is charged with three counts of terroristic threats for his actions with the school security officers and one count of resisting arrest.

Police were able to determine that Thompson was not armed and does not own any firearms.

Thompson was processed and released on a summons complaint.

He is a contract worker for an outside company and doesn't work for the school.

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