What would you do if you had a big, furry, unexpected visitor at your house?  In Freehold Township there was a confirmed black bear sighting in the area of Coachman Drive around 5:30 in the morning yesterday!

Much like me and a pan of brownies, he could not resist that tempting bird feeder!

We don’t see many bears in Monmouth County but it can, and just did happen.

Food, garbage, and bird feeders can attract them so it is advised that we re-think how we handle those things in our homes.

There is a little rhyme that I always remembered that I thought I would share with you. The expression is, “If it is brown, get down, if it is black, attack”.  In other words, if you see a brown bear, play dead or be still.  If it is a black bear, make your body bigger than the bear by extending your arms above your head and get nice and loud.

That is all well, fine and good but if you are me, you will probably see a blackish-brown bear and have no idea what to do. LOL!

Photo Credit: Unsplash, Janko Ferlic
Photo Credit: Unsplash, Janko Ferlic

The office of Fish and Wildlife, also known as the DEP, advises that New Jersey residents take steps to avoid attracting bears with food or garbage and be sure to keep the garbage cans covered.

It is important to note, that bears will usually stay away from humans unless they are illegally fed.

The State says,

Once they find an easily accessible food source, like garbage in housing development, they will lose their wariness of people and may return to the available food source. These bears can become a nuisance or aggressive and may have to be trapped.

All that aside, they are cute aren't they?  From a distance that is!

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