The reason I love Ocean Gate so much; Ocean Gate is a beautiful community and when one of their own needs help, they are always there for each other.

The Ocean Gate Fire Department is hosting a fundraiser for one of their own battling cancer coming up in July.

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Several months ago the Ocean Gate Volunteer Fire Department organized a GoFundMe to raise funds for Ron Smith and his family:

The residents of Ocean Gate can always count on the Ocean Gate Volunteer Fire Department to respond when we're needed. When alerted, we drop what we are doing to provide help to our neighbors. Now we are asking our neighbors in Ocean Gate to help one of our own.

Ocean Gate Firefighter Ron Smith was recently diagnosed with APL Leukemia.


He joined the Fire Department last year and completed classes in March to become a certified Firefighter. Ron, like many Firefighters, follows in his father's and his grandfather's footsteps. Ron's father, Ron Smith Sr, was a volunteer Firefighter in Maine, and his Grandfather, William Britton, was an Ex-Chief of East Dover Fire Company and a Fire Commissioner in Toms River. Ron has already begun treatment and will be out of work for quite a while. Ron is the sole support for his family. Ron, his wife Emily, and their 4 children would appreciate any donations possible to help keep them moving forward during this tumultuous time. We are providing as much help as we can through the Fire Department, but more help will be needed for them to win this battle. If you can, please consider making a donation for Ron and his family.

I saw all this information on a sign near Rt. 9 in Bayville. The fundraiser is happening Saturday, July 10th, 2021 at Fubar in Bayville. Fubar is the outdoor bar at Bills BBQ Shack, located on Rt. 9 in Bayville at Black Beard's Cave from 2 pm - 7 pm.

There will be a 50/50, a gift auction, and a raffle. A portion of the proceeds is going to the Smith family.

Let's help this family out. Click here for the gofundme page.

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