I'm going to be totally honest, I never knew about these codes and thank goodness, I've never heard one announced over a PA system in a store.

If you know about these codes, you're one step ahead. Right now, especially during the holidays it's super busy in stores as we all know.

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At all of our favorites, Walmart, Target, and more there will be a lot of shopping going on.

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If you're in the grocery store or even a department store, you probably hear the PA system making announcements. But, I never knew there are codes to listen for while shopping.

What does CODE BROWN mean in a New Jersey store?

CODE BROWN means there is an active shooter in the store. It could also mean something violent is happening in the store. If you hear CODE BROWN in a store, get out fast if you can. Call 911 when you get out of the store.

What does CODE GREEN mean in a New Jersey store?

CODE GREEN means there is an active hostage situation in the store.

What does CODE BLUE mean in a New Jersey Store?

CODE BLUE means someone has called in a bomb threat. Hopefully it's just a threat, but I would get out immediately.

What does CODE RED mean in a New Jersey Store?

CODE RED means there is a fire in the store.

Just keep listening for colors and be aware.

These announcements we hear might be a spill in isle 3 or a manager is called to the front of the store, but there could be something a lot more dangerous.

Color codes are for emergencies. They convey quick and efficient emergencies.

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