On October 13, 2007, a 22-year-old UMass Dartmouth student by the name of Charlie Allen (whose known alias was also Neo Babson Maximus) vanished from the Dartmouth, Massachusetts campus without a trace. You'd think in a small town like Dartmouth you would have heard about such a thing, right?

If you live in the area and feel like you’ve never heard of Charlie Allen, aka Neo Babson Maximus, or his disappearance before, you’re not alone.

There was seemingly minimal media coverage and yet hundreds of online threads exist about him and his mysterious disappearance - including this Unsolved Mysteries Reddit thread. With Facebook not being the news machine it is today, this story came and went with comparatively little fanfare.

After reading through tons of documents, we were able to put together this rough, bizarre timeline leading up to the disappearance:

October 12, 2007:  Charie Allen aka Neo Babson Maximus was reported missing and was last seen on the UMass Dartmouth campus. (He'd legally changed his name from Charlie to Neo Babson Maximus weeks prior to his disappearance)

October 13, 2007: Charlie Allen was caught breaking into a home off of College Lane in Dartmouth but fled into the surrounding woods when confronted by the homeowner. He said he thought he was at his friend's house and apologized before taking off.

October 18, 2007:  A pair of shoes were found near the woods along Chase Road and were confirmed to belong to Charlie Allen. A backpack belonging to Charlie Allen was later recovered in a backyard off of Slocum Road.

October 21, 2007:  An aerial search was conducted by the Dartmouth Police and state police air wing followed by a ground search the following day in the areas around UMass Dartmouth.

This case and all of the details surrounding it will send you down a rabbit hole like no other, but if you're cool with that, here's the link. The search was eventually called off. Some people think he hitchhiked out of New England and could possibly be living in the South.

The case remains unsolved to this day and his disappearance was profiled on the April 25th, 2011 episode of the ID channel show "Disappeared."

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