Shore Republican Assemblyman Greg McGuckin (10th Legislative District) is co-sponsoring a measure that would send child predators who murder victims under the age of 18 to prison for life.

Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin (R)
Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin (R) (NJ's 10th Legislative District website)

The measure which was approved in the State Assembly, would also be an expansion of Joan's Law which denies parole for anyone serving life for molesting and killing children under the age of 14.

"If you commit a murder during the commission of a sex-crime on a minor, then you would not have any parole eligibility," said McGuckin.

He says currently your eligible for an initial parole hearing on a murder charge after 14-years but that could change with the passing of this measure into law to 30-years.

"If your convicted or plead guilty to a crime of murder during the commission of a sexual assault on a minor you would now have 30-years without parole," said McGuckin.

He adds that there are some cases where there is a 14 or 15 year old victim but no matter the age of the victim, the crime "is no less heinous, no less disgusting."

McGuckin continues by adding, "if it's a sex crime...a sexual assault first then resulting in a murder, you shouldn't have a chance to go to a parole hearing and put the family through it again."

He explains the current state of law where the process seems to linger.

"If you take a minors life during a commission of a sexual assault...the purpose of the murder after the sexual assault is so that they can't be identified," said McGuckin.

The measure is currently still in committee in the Senate.

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