If you read my articles, as you know, I love going out and exploring. Whether that's drinking booze on a boat dressed as a pirate or eating at local restaurants, whatever the adventure is, I am extremely thankful to be living life at the Jersey Shore.

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With that, I recently celebrated my 27th birthday and it was a perfect day. I started the day surfing in Belmar and ended the day eating a vanilla ice cream cookie skillet. My favorite highlight from the day was eating dinner at a known Jersey Shore staple, Charlie's of Bay Head... Now, There's no other way to put it, Charlie's is perfect. Sitting on Twilight Lake in Bay Head, you really get the classic dining experience. The food is remarkable, the staff is friendly, and the views are one of a kind. It really is a fantastic spot for dates or any type of celebration!

I started the night with a Dealer's Choice Martini, which is "Ketel One, Lychee, Plum Sake, Lemon, Raspberry & Simple Syrup". What's lychee? Who cares! It was my birthday, of course, I'm drinking a martini! I'm not a big martini drinker but it was one of the best martini's I ever had. It was very tasty and I definitely was feeling good before eating a tremendous dinner. Yes... one martini gave me a solid buzz... I am a lightweight!

For dinner, I knew going into the night that I was going to order the filet mignon. I also knew I was eventually going to write an article about the filet mignon. Why? Well, it's safe to say Charlie's makes the tastiest filet mignon at the Jersey Shore. It's juicy, it's filled with flavor, and I love how the chef lays it on top of the mashed potatoes. It's a 10 out of 10 filet mignon. I already can't wait to go back and order it again sometime this summer. If you know of a better filet mignon, I would love to hear your opinion, share the post & comment! (KEEP SCROLLING FOR MORE)

Charlie's Of Bay Head - Filet Mignon

If you love steak, seafood, burgers, or pizza, Charlie's is a Jersey Shore restaurant you MUST eat at this summer. Make a reservation at (732) 295-1110 or click HERE!

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