Uh, Houston Ocean County, we have a problem.

Central Regional High School has always been one of breaking barriers. Personally, I think that this is going to be one of the biggest yet! English teacher Mike Mannion, and his Leadership Principles and Practices class are raising money to launch a high-altitude balloon into near space.

The class has started a Go-FundMe Page and has set their target at $1,995. All of the proceeds donated to will fund equipment needed to complete the venture, like $300 for the Helium and $325 for the actual balloon. As of writing this blog, the fund, published in March, currently raised $350 from nine very generous people. While that's certainly an accomplishment - it's not nearly enough for the class to achieve its goals!

Students from the class seem to be very excited for this project:

Daniel Barney explains the importance of this venture and what it would mean to the school if it were accomplished, "Leadership Principles and Practices is a class that gives students the opportunity to create a better school experience for everyone using students ideas." He goes on to say that they're trying to "create a place where both students and staff would look forward to going to everyday during the week."

Devon Tasso says that the leadership skills that students will receive from this are immense, "The space program is the L.P.P's big leadership exercise. It will help us learn time management, leadership and communication skills."

Rachel Rowan tells me that this program is bringing students together through "working together" to do something that has never been done at their school.

We wish the best of luck to Mr. Mannion, and his Leadership Principles and Practices class and hope that they will get everything that they need to complete this awesome mission.







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