Every now and then, on the Deminski & Doyle show the topic of "personal Kryptonite" will come up. Seemingly non-offensive sensory things that drive you up a wall or send shivers down your spine.

Take, for example, the old concept of nails running down a chalkboard. Doesn’t just the thought of it make you cringe?


That’s a classic “personal kryptonite.”

On Friday afternoon's show, New Jerseyans called in to share their own examples, and to be honest: a lot of them affect me as well.

But what about you? Are you able to experience these sounds or feelings without completely cringing?

Let’s find out.

The sound of a knife against a plate

Denise in Mount Laurel shared that she can’t stand when this happens. Inhale to agree it’s incredibly jarring, but what do you think?

Hand hold fork and knife with and empty plate on brown wood background


Another offering from Denise is the texture of velvet. She doesn’t like touching it at all. “It takes my breath away, there’s something about it,” she shared. “I have to take a deep breath before I touch it.”

I have to agree with her, there’s something unsettling about the feeling of velvet. Is it just us?

Teeth scraping against a fork

Another meal-based weakness, Katie on the Parkway called this one in saying that it’s almost a nightly occurrence in her home.

Her husband bites down on his fork in such a way that it’s audible. Somehow it doesn’t bother him, but their son also reacts negatively.

Other people chewing with their mouths open

This one was called in by Fogg from Maryland, he can’t stand when you’re having a meal with someone and they’re chewing their food with an open mouth.

Even worse: people who talk with their mouth full.

Happy young woman eating broccoli

Styrofoam rubbing against itself

Even talking about the high pitch of the styrofoam makes my coworker, Jeff Deminski, get goosebumps.

Soup slurpers

Jackie in New Egypt can’t wrap her head around people who slurp their soup off of their spoon. She’s a firm believer that you should have your soup with your mouth closed around your spoon.

(No one tell her that I’m definitely guilty of this!)

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5's Kylie Moore. Any opinions expressed are Kylie's own. You can follow Kylie on Instagram.

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