What? What? I knew it. We are happy in New Jersey.


Sue Moll
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We are talking about New Jersey. I can't thank Lou Russo enough from our sister station 943 The Point for a little push for this article, he found it first. We all get a little angry on the Parkway and of course driving in New Jersey, but that, I guess - really doesn't matter. We are the 4th happiest state in the nation according to wallethub.com. Check out the map from and see New Jersey's ranking and other states and how happy they are:

Source: WalletHub


WOW, according to WalletHub New Jersey ranks 1st in the nation for "overall physical and mental well-being", we have the 3rd lowest separation and divorce rate in the country, and New Jersey ranks as the state with the lowest depression and suicide rates, this is good news for all of us here in the Garden State.

Work in New Jersey isn't as great, the numbers are a little higher. We are the 16th happiest state when it comes to the hours of work we do and we are the 30th happiest when in it comes to our work environment.

So, we are happy. Next time you "pop the bird" or maybe curse, I guess it could be a "happy" curse word. We all have our us and downs, day to day, when it comes to family, work, and family. Somedays it's tough to be happy, I totally understand. Especially with Covid-19, our thoughts are so different right now then they were a year ago.

Stay Strong and "happy" New Jersey.

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