The sky was gloomy, and rain was in the air, but it didn’t stop people from coming out to Belmar in participating in one of the shore’s biggest (and least secret) flash mob.

The event was the brainchild of Robert Hilton, Executive Director of the Jersey Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau, and was meant to be less of a marketing ploy and more of an opportunity for business owners in the tourism industry to let loose.

“The tourism industry is such a huge industry down the shore and inland too.” Says Hilton “That we just wanted to show some representation and get everyone feeling like a community. “

Though flash mobs are traditionally kept on the hush hush, with the final details only known to the group, the JSCVB’s flash mob was a little more open. Participants were able to see a training video to learn the dance that they would all perform in unison on May 24th a little after 5pm. If posting the details on the web wasn’t enough, anyone who wanted an in person tutorial could show up early to learn the steps.

The event was planned for business owners who operate in the tourist industries, however once it started, dozen of residents, visitors, even Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty all got involved. Something Hilton has no problem with since it just spreads the message of the Jersey Shore.

“I think they know we’re within a tankfull of gas from New York from Philadelphia, and it’s a viable destination to come and bring your family and your kids.”

Hilton said he has plans on doing more flash mobs throughout the shore area, though gave no hints on where or when.