There are certain celebrities you're likely to run into at the Jersey Shore. That's because they're from here and they love it enough to stay.  Think about it, they could be anywhere but they choose the beautiful Jersey Shore. Local Alli Stevens just had the greatest Jersey celebrity encounter that she will probably ever have...she bumped into The Boss at the beach and he was buff!

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Before I show show you Alli's picture I just have to tell you about a funny New Jersey celeb that my daughter ran into...literally. My daughter got a chance to meet Rumson's own Charlie Puth when I worked for a radio station in Minneapolis. She was so excited to meet him that she face-planted and ran into him at the same time.  Her shoe got caught on an uneven edge on the floor.  He was so concerned and asked her if she was OK and once he knew she was, they both started laughing because he could tell she just wanted to crawl into a hole and hide forever.  This pic is right after that happened.

Shannon's daughter Bella after falling in front of Charlie Puth
Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Charlie joked with her that it must be her "moon shoes" and she became a bigger fan (if that's even possible) right then and there.  You gotta love a New Jersey celeb!

OK, now to share Alli's encounter! Local summer has a way of bringing out the local celebs because the ocean is finally warm and the crowds have thinned out.

Here is how it happened...local Alli Stevens was enjoying a nice local summer day in Bay Head swimming at the Bridge Ave Beach.  She started chatting with a nice man about the west wind & the flies they are bringing in when all of a sudden she realized she was talking to Bruce Springsteen! Dayyyyyym Bruce, 71 has NEVER looked so good...

Photo credit: Alli Stevens On Bay Head Beach with The Boss Bruce Springsteen

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