Brick has some great stores, including the ones in Brick Plaza, but we always want more, right? So, we asked you which store or restaurant you'd love added to Brick Plaza and let's just say there wasn't a shortage of answers to this question. So let's break down the votes and present to you the top 3 businesses Brick residents would like to see in Brick Plaza.


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We have listed them from #3 to #1. Let's see if you agree with what your neighbors are saying. Here are the three businesses Brick would like to see added to their community.

The Top 3 Stores Brick Residents Want In Brick Plaza

Those are really solid choices, so thanks for the votes. We also saw the desire by some local residents to have a Hooters, an Italian restaurant and a craft store. of course, this is all hypothetical, but maybe it will spark an idea and who knows? Maybe you'll get your wish someday. In the meantime it's fun to dream.

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