Rescuers from four fire companies located two people clinging to a buoy in Silver Bay early Sunday evening, after their catamaran capsized in the choppy water between the Silverton section of Toms River and Cattus Island Park.

Toms River Police boat during rescue (Toms River Police)

Toms River police said Ashley Kowalski was able to make it back to the boat and get the attention of people at a home on Silver Bay Road. According to the Asbury Park Press, her father, Joseph Kowalski and her friend, Alexandra Ladzinski, had drifted away.

Firemen from the Silverton Fire Company, a dive team from Brick Township and the Ocean Beach Fire Department had boats in the water searching for 45 minutes when they spotted the pair about a mile from shore, clutching the buoy. Both of them had been wearing life jackets.

Paramedics checked the boaters at the scene. No one was injured.