The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic brought about so many things that we thought that we'd never see. From eerily empty cities to online, well, everything.

One of the things that I don't think that any of us would have predicted in our lifetimes - the complete shutdown of Walt Disney World.

But, we're getting great news today - Disney World is putting forth a plan to reopen in just a few weeks.

According to our cross-state colleagues over at our sister station WPST, Walt Disney World is proposing a phased reopening that would start in July.

The plan calls for two of the Disney World parks to reopen on July 11th, The Magic Kingdom and Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Disney's Hollywood Studios and EPCOT would follow a few days later, on July 15th.

There will of course be detailed safety measures, including a requirement for guests to wear masks, temperature checks for both guests and employees (sorry, "cast members"), and some large events like parades set to return, "at a later date".

Walt Disney World officials also say that attendance will be tightly limited with advance reservations required that will open first to people who are already holding tickets.

The whole plan is subject to approval by state and local officials in Florida, but you have to believe that Disney feels good about the plan since they're sharing so many specific details so publicly.

Here's the official announcement that Walt Disney World shared on their official Facebook page:


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