Be Honest How Are Things These Days at the MVA in Ocean County? I recently had to visit the good ole' Motor Vehicle Agency here in Ocean County and I thought I'd share my thoughts on the agency.....

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I had some "auto" things to do so I made a trek to the Motor Vehicle Agency in Manahawkin and it was NOT  a terrible experience, but there are a few things that kinda stuck out to me when visiting this Ocean County location.

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The first thing that struck me was the fact that I had to make an appointment days before being able to go to the Motor Vehicle Agency. Ok, I get that, they are trying to limit the number of people that are trying to get into the agency, a covid wise move? Although most businesses are back to capacity....can't hurt to keep smaller numbers at the MVA, helps move things along. After making my appointment though I was a little dismayed to find a line outside the agency trying to get much for reservations? I will say it was not a huge line and after a short wait outside I did finally get in.

Now another thing I wanna throw out there is the "mask" issue. To the left and right of the MVA were businesses and it was not mandatory that customers wear masks, but in the MVA it is mandatory? What are the conditions that make this a "MASK" zone? I have no problem if people do wanna wear a mask at all, you do you....but I got my vaccine, wash my hands, and practice social distancing, so I don't wanna be smothered in a mask. I just wonder why I can go into a supermarket with more people and not have to mask up, but at the MVA I can't even enter without a mask....just asking?

Back to my visit, I went through the line quickly after getting inside, so in all my trip was fairly quick and the folks were helpful. I was satisfied with the visit, so thank you to the folks working :)

One thing I do wish they would remedy is the phone lines to MVA, I probably could have avoided a trip if I could just reach a representative on the phone. Not all questions can be answered on the website, sometimes you actually need a human. So how about getting the MVA phone lines working again with actual operators and this will help the process even more.


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