Belated wishes for a Happy New Year as I’m back and I hope you missed me a little although you were likely too worried about staying warm to notice.

As I usually do I took a few days off after the WOBM Christmas Classic and certainly the weather did not cooperate.  We did manage to get in a quick day trip to New York with our daughter and got to the movies twice to see “The Greatest Showman” and “Molly’s Game.” I give two thumbs up to both. Hugh Jackman and the music were terrific in “The Greatest Showman” and Jessica Chastain was very good in “Molly’s Game” which is based on Molly Bloom’s book about the high-stake poker games she ran for years in Los Angeles and New York.

We also began binge watching of “The Crown” on Netflix and made it through most of the first season (the second season was just released last month).  While it can be a bit slow a times it’s a fascinating historical drama series focused on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and gives you an inside look at the monarchy that most of us probably don’t know about.

Very good television and I read where plans are for the series to last six seasons with each featuring ten, one-hour episodes.

Speaking of movies and television I did watch the Golden Globe Awards last night which was hosted by an at-times uncomfortable Seth Meyers.  Of course everyone in Hollywood is a bit uncomfortable these days in the wake of stories that have brought down some of the most powerful men in entertainment and media.

The show was nothing special and it seemed like long speeches early forced everyone to rush after that but clearly the highlight was the presentation of the Cecil B. DeMille Award to Oprah Winfrey.  While not an Oprah fan (I think I just got tired of too much of her) she delivered a rousing and passionate speech that was very impressive and right on target.

It’s good to be back and as the saying goes, “more to come in future reports.”






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