Radio is an interesting business. It's safe to say that there's never a dull moment.

Almost by definition, every job has competitors. Sometimes it's a friendly competition, sometimes it's not. Sometimes your competition is a corporate behemoth who you'll never actually see, and sometimes your competition consists of friends and neighbors.

In my career in radio, I have been in both situations. Competition consisting of voices from the ether who have never set foot in the area, and I've competed against some of my best friends.

Most of the time, the competition is friendly, some times it's not so friendly.

But one thing is for sure - this business is never boring. The cloak of secrecy that surrounds the business decisions is sometimes air tight and impenetrable, and strategic moves take the competition by surprise. Other times there are as many leaks as a pasta strainer.

Some of the things that I enjoy most about this business are the strategy, the camaraderie, and intrigue. It's almost like a spy novel with agents, double agents, coded messages and whispered conversations in back alleys.

It can be intimidating, and it can be fun. But it's never dull.

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