There's a restaurant chain that is all over New York City from The East Village to Greenwich Village, Chelsea to Times Square. Soon a location will be right in our backyard.

Have you ever heard of Artichoke Basille's Pizza? Soon you'll be able to get a slice in Red Bank at 177 Broad Street.

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There's a lot of history at this address. Artichoke Basille's wrote:

Growing more Artichokes in the Garden State. Coming soon to Red Bank, NJ! And for all you Springsteen fans out there- Artichoke Pizza in Red Bank is opening up in the same space which used to be the “Off Broad Street Coffee House.” This is the same place a 19-year old Bruce Springsteen played one of his first performances in 1968.

Cousins and best friends, Francis Garcia and Sal Basille are fourth-generation restaurateurs.

What started as a single location in New York City’s East Village in 2008, Artichoke Basille’s Pizza has expanded to twelve hugely successful locations across the country.

You might be saying to yourself: "Big deal, another pizza joint." Well, this is kind of a big deal.

The rave reviews that Artichoke Basille’s has earned are impressive.

Buzzfeed included them in their list of the '10 New York City Slices You Have To Try Before You Die.'

Thrillist identified Artichoke Basille’s Pizza as one of 'America's Next Big Pizza Chains.'

And, food site Eater named them one of 'New York City 25 Most Iconic Pizzerias.'

The brothers of Artichoke Basille’s Pizza have made appearances on national television with spots on Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Rachel Ray.

Let's check out what we have to look forward to in Red Bank real soon.

First, you have the signature Artichoke slice. LOL. What a shot!


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