It’s the “elephant in the room” so I feel somewhat compelled to address the new COVID variant that comes at the worst possible time.  While we don’t know much about Omicron what we’ve heard so far from experts is certainly cause for concern because of how heavily mutated it is.  What most of us want to know is if we are fully vaccinated and have received the booster will that protect us?  Again while it’s too early indications are that we won’t be as protected as we are against even the Delta variant but that should not prevent everyone from getting the vaccine as soon as they can.

I would imagine most experts felt like it was just a matter of time before we had to deal with another variant but I’m sure they were hoping for one that would not be severe.  Hopefully that will be the case but this COVID news is not welcome as we head into the peak holiday season and for those of us who live in the northeast spend more and more time indoors as winter approaches.

I would expect at some point very soon some of the common sense precautions we took for over a year will return and may even be mandated.  That includes wearing masks, social distancing where you can and singing “happy birthday” while washing your hands.

Nobody and I mean nobody wants to go back to this but we should not have to be reminded of the dark days of COVID when many if not most of knew someone who was very sick and even died.  The idea is not to have a repeat of this so regardless of your politics and beliefs let’s be smart and follow the advice of those who know best.  I’ll take my chances with the science and medical community because frankly they know more than me, you and everyone.

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