We've excitedly told you about the upcoming "X-Files" mini-series coming in early 2016. With most of the original cast reprising their iconic roles, fans are excited. But is Hollywood going back to the "reboot" well too many times these days?

With news out today that "A Nightmare On Elm Street" is going to get a reboot, news last week of Robin Williams' 1995 adventure "Jumanji" getting a new turn (obviously, without Williams), and of course the much touted new "Ghostbusters" in full production, we're seeing an awful lot of all that's old being new again lately.

Some new versions of classics have been very successful, like the Christian Bale led "Batman Begins" series, others haven't been so well received (like 2013's "Superman" attempt, "Man of Steel").

What do you think, should a new generation get a new telling of classic stories, or should filmmakers leave iconic classics alone? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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